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Making human capital the «source of wealth» for the nation

«We have repeatedly pointed out that the problem of our intellectual ascent can only be solved by gradually transforming and remounting from the elementary schoolmaster to the University professor, that is, by training new individuals, heartily joined to the global endeavor of culture»

 Santiago Ramón y Cajal: The Tonics of Will

The research staff recruiting system of the IMDEA Institutes applies the standards followed by the world’s most highly renowned research centers: they seek throughout the world the best researchers in each field, and evaluate their contributions to the advancement of knowledge according to strictly scientific, established and peer-reviewed criteria.

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Attracting world-class scientists

The IMDEA Institutes use a competitive, open and international recruitment process to hire researchers, based on international calls for candidates advertised in their web pages and in the printed editions of the world’s most prestigious scientific magazines: Science, Nature and The Economist.

The applications are evaluated by the scientific advisory committees of each institute, made up of world-class external scientists, thus ensuring the global excellence of candidates.

These calls for candidates are mainly aimed at attracting to our region first-class scientists who are working outside Spain. The call is open to everyone, Spanish or foreigner.


Training researchers from the beginning of their career, by providing them with this kind of work environment:

  • Excellent.
  • International.
  • Multidisciplinary.
  • Where research is conducted with the express purpose of transferring its results to the society.
  • With a strong private presence, and dense networks of cooperation with the business fabric.
  • Backed by the participation of all the public universities of Madrid.
  • Where the selection and evaluation of results is peer-reviewed and based in strictly scientific criteria.

Training research teams prepared to compete in the global science market.

Ensuring the generational replacement of scientists.

Increasing the professional opportunities of researchers from the earliests stages of their scientific career.


EU support to research in Europe

AMAROUT is a Marie Curie action aimed at fostering and reinforcing the European Research Space, by attracting research talent into Europe. The «focus» of the programme is the scientist.

The two calls for this European program awarded to the IMDEA Institutes have enabled them to hire excellent researchers, thus contributing to turn Madrid into a knowledge-generating region.

The main candidate selection criteria are their scientific capacity and their commitment to research. These criteria are assessed by a selection committee comprised of globally renowned scientists.

The most appreciated merits of the applicant’s résumé include: research experience (quality, originality, feasibility, relevance, etc.), publications, proven skills and competencies, and benefits of this European grant for the applicant’s research career.

Amarout II europe programme