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Presenting eduroam

eduroam (contraction of Education Roaming) is an international project launched to facilitate the mobility of researchers from all participating institutions. Their motto is «open your laptop and you're connected».

eduroam allows users to have wireless access when moving from one participating institution to another, doing so with unique credentials regardless of the institution they visit.

In Spain, RedIris coordinates the eduroam ES initiative.

The IMDEA institutes have joined eduroam to become part of the «single area of mobility» that, through this initiative, brings together research and education institutions around the world with the goal of making the motto «open your laptop and you are connected» real.

The IMDEA institutes, created by the Madrid Regional Government, work on seven strategic areas for society: water, food, energy, materials, nanoscience, networks and software. Their ultimate goal is to satisfy social needs through the promotion of R&D&I and its transfer to society. They have a notable international nature, as they have been designed to attract and gather a critical mass of world-wide, top class researchers. This is why it is essential for them to belong to eduroam.

Being part of eduroam allows users of the member institutions to connect to the wifi network from any other participating organizations, using the same credentials they would use in the institution from which they come: an e-mail address and its corresponding password. The only difference between one institution and another may be the network encryption method.

There are many educational and scientific institutions around the world participating in this «single area of ​​mobility». The Spanish organizations taking part in this global initiative through eduroam ES, coordinated by RedIris are those shown in the following link:


All participating institutions provide information about eduroam on their websites: how to access, technical requirements, places where it is available and so on. They can also help users having difficulties setting up their devices.

Important notice: If you need to connect via eduroam in a participating institution different to your own, you should previously request information on how to connect to your hosting institution, as eduroam allows some freedom when institutions configure their access protocols. Therefore, you may need to change the settings of your device to connect to certain organizations.