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Sporty Science or “Sciencefull” Sport in the European Researchers' Night of Madrid 2016

European Researchers' Night in Madrid 2016 - Sporty Science or “Sciencefull” Sport

Friday, September 30th, 2016 – Residencia de Estudiantes

In today's professional sports, what is science and what is effort? Is the athlete born or made? And what about the scientist?

Physical activity and sports have been linked to science for centuries. Homer, Pindar, Plato and Aristoteles laid the foundations of what is nowadays known as Physical Education. From Ancient Greece we have reached the 20th century and now, moving forward into the 21st, science is increasingly present around us, including sports. In this matter, the scientific areas able to achieve the goal of improving the way we practice and enjoy sports are rapidly enlarging, although not with the same intensity at amateur level than in professional performance.

On the Friday evening of September 30th, as part of the project European Researchers' Night of Madrid 2016, we will focus on those areas of scientific expertise better known by the invited speakers, all of them researchers employed by one of the IMDEA research Institutes: Water, Food, Energy, Materials, Nanoscience, Networks and Software.

On that date, between 18:00 and 21:00 hours, these researchers will meet at the Residencia de Estudiantes of Madrid. They will talk not just about their favorite sports, but also about their work as well as themselves. They will discuss different issues, such as how they decided to pursue a career in science, why was Madrid their city of choice,  or why they chose to develop profesionally within an IMDEA Institute, among many others. Likewise, several other topics will be brought up, including whether their work is related directly or indirectly with sports, whether they believe that scientists and professional athletes have anything in common, or whether they consider  dangerous the current increase of technology in sports.

Juan Manuel Ortiz from IMDEA Water Institute, Ana Ramírez de Molina from IMDEA Food, Mario Martín from IMDEA Energy, Juan Pedro Fernández Blázquez from IMDEA Materials, Ricardo Arias González from IMDEA Nanoscience, Domenico Giustiniano from IMDEA Networks and César Sánchez from IMDEA Software, will be individually interviewed by Manuel Carro, researcher and deputy director at IMDEA Software, in order to find out how they see the relationship between science and sport. After a first round of questions, a “peculiar press conference” will be led by “special journalists”: students from the Retamar School, who are eager to learn about what science holds for sports in the future. This space will be followed by the third and final round of questions: all those the audience wishes to ask the invited researchers. 

The European Researchers' Night in Madrid 2016, coordinated by the madrimasd Knowledge Foundation, is an action framed under the Horizon 2020 European programme, which takes place in over 300 European cities at a time. Thirty scientific institutions based in Madrid, including the IMDEA Institutes, will be collaborating in this edition.

In addition to science and sport, there will also be live music. Songs that never fail in a big sporting event will be played, others that we all know to be part of the soundtrack of sports films, and yet more that have been chosen among millions of people as the most motivational while practicing sport.

The goal of all participants, interviews and music, is to show attendees of Sporty Science or Sciencefull Sport that science and sport have spent many years along the same path and are two worlds with as many differences as commonalities, worlds in which effort, the need for improvement and teamwork are essential. And if we manage to make some of the invitees change their usual working clothes for a sporting outfit, be it for running, cycling or CrossFit, ... It’ll be worthwhile not to forget the camera or mobile phone at home!

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Detailed schedule:

18:00 – 20:00 h. The researchers are interview by the “special journalists”.
20:00 – 21:00 h. The audience becomes the interviewer.

Suitable for: all audiences.
Friday, September 30th, 2016.
Time: 18:00 to 21:00 h.
Place: Residencia de Estudiantes. C/ Pinar, 21-23 - 28006 Madrid.
Organized by: IMDEA Institutes.
Contact information:
Telephone: 911 01 22 02 ext. 4312 / 4010 / 4012.
Email: begona.moreno@imdea.org
Websites: http://www.imdea.org/ and http://www.madrimasd.org/lanochedelosinvestigadores/?lan=en


Este proyecto está financiado por la Unión Europea dentro del Programa de Investigación e Innovación Horizonte 2020 -acciones Marie Skłodowska-Curie- bajo el acuerdo de subvención número 721631.