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Sep 17 2018
The consumption of multimedia content is moving from a residential environment to mobile phones. Mobile data traffic, driven mostly by video demand, is increasing rapidly and wireless spectrum is becoming a more and more scarce resource. This... +
Sep 17 2018
«All for one and one for all» Researchers from the IMDEA Institutes and members of the National Police join forces to combat crime. In the first season of IMDEA-CSI: Crime scene investigation, using the example of the famous literary detective... +
Sep 10 2018
Friday, September 28, 2018 – Residencia de Estudiantes «All for one and one for all» Researchers from the IMDEA Institutes and members of the National Police join forces to combat crime.... +
Aug 30 2018
The rich data that Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms collect on the behavior of millions of students provide a unique opportunity to study human learning and to develop artificial intelligence methods to support learners. José A.... +
Jul 24 2018
Mathematical problems pose different levels of complexity, but would it be possible to find an efficient algorithm to solve them all? Rafael García Leiva, Research Engineer, IMDEA Networks Institute (Madrid, Spain) 13 November 2018 -11:... +
Jul 24 2018
Blockchain is an emerging technology first used for digital currency transactions in Bitcoin. New blockchain platforms are now recognised as a more general-purpose technology --- a kind of distributed database and computational platform that can... +
Jul 11 2018
ACM SIGCOMM is a flagship conference in computer-networking research. Its participants include leading academics, brilliant students, and representatives of major multinational companies in networking hardware, software, infrastructure, operation... +
Jun 14 2018
We present Vera, a tool that exhaustively verifies P4 programs using symbolic execution. Vera automatically uncovers a number of common bugs including parsing/deparsing errors, invalid memory accesses, loops and tunneling errors, among others.... +
Jun 07 2018
The proliferation of handheld devices and the pressing need of location-based services call for precise and accurate ubiquitous geographic mobile positioning that can serve a vast set of devices. Despite the large investments and efforts in... +
Jun 07 2018
The use of directional antennas in millimeter-wave communication promises high spatial reuse at multi-gigabit-per second data rates in dense wireless networks. Existing work studies such networks using commercial hardware but is limited to... +