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IMDEA-CSI: Crime scene investigation (Season 2) at The European Researchers' Night in Madrid 2018

The mystery was solved. Thanks to the work of the forensic police and the researchers of the IMDEA Institutes, we could discover the culprits.

This year was the ninth edition of The European Researchers’ Night in Madrid attended by the researchers of the IMDEA Institutes. And for the fourth consecutive year, the chosen stage was the Residencia de Estudiantes of Madrid. The European Researchers’ Night in Madrid is a European project for the dissemination of science, which, in our community, is coordinated by the Fundación para el Conocimiento madrimasd.

Ignacio Villar (IMDEA Energy), Mario Rueda and Xiaolin Qi (IMDEA Materials), Alessandra Gorla (IMDEA Software), Guillermo Vaquero and Gloria Teijón (IMDEA Water), Álvaro Somoza (IMDEA Nanoscience),and María Isabel Espinosa and Paloma Ruiz (IMDEA Food) analysed projectiles, weapons, a mobile phone, some mud, a poisoned apple, threads coated with retardant substances, and DNA samples from blood and epithelial tissue. Paolo Casari (IMDEA Networks) followed the mobile signal of one of the suspects inside a building (the Residencia de Estudiantes itself). And all this to discover that the murderers were among them: María Isabel and Paolo.

The forensic police inspector José Antonio Rodríguez and his two companions, the deputy inspector Fernando Álvarez and officer Julián Blanco, who had been collecting the evidence at the scene of the crime and explaining how to work with them, took little time to "arrest" the two culprits, who willingly agreed “to do no more”.

Half jokingly and half seriously, with undoubted police and scientific rigor, IMDEA researchers and members of the forensic police of IMDEA-CSI showed that the research done in laboratories extends "out on the street" on many occasions, including at the scene of a crime to assist in police work.


Este proyecto de la Noche Europea de los Investigadores e Investigadoras de Madrid está financiado por la Comisión Europea bajo las acciones Marie Skłodowska-Curie, con el acuerdo de subvención número 818.528 .