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IMDEA Institutes in madridiario.es

MADRID social: fundaciones y RSC (The social MADRID: foundations and CSR) published by madridiario collects the contribution of the IMDEA Institutes to the development of the Community of Madrid.

The book, which was officially presented during the award ceremony of the XVII edition of the Madrid 2019 Awards held last April 29th, includes a detailed chapter on the IMDEA initiative, which highlights the extraordinary contribution made by the seven IMDEA institutes to the development of advanced science and technology made in Madrid.

In addition to devoting a specific section to each of the seven IMDEA Institutes, the chapter on pages 66 to 94 of this publication offers some data referring to the Institutes as a whole, confirming their strategic importance for the region. Among them, the more than 3,000 articles published since their constitution in 2006-2007 in prestigious international journals of high impact; the approximately 250 research projects underway in 2017-2018; the nearly 400 grants for hiring personnel obtained in the last decade; or the fact that more than half of its doctoral researchers have obtained their degrees in foreign universities, thus fulfilling one of the objectives pursued with the creation of the IMDEA Institutes: to internationalize the science made in Madrid, to attract talent from anywhere in the world.

Link to the publication: http://www.doopaper.com/pubs/madridiario/madridsocial/