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Talk by Miguel Á. Carreira-Perpiñán: A new way to train decision trees: tree alternating optimization (TAO)

Decision trees with hard decision nodes stand apart from other machine
learning models in their interpretability, fast inference and
automatic feature selection -- in addition to their ability to handle
naturally nonlinear data, multiclass classification and regression,
discontinuous predictor functions, and discrete input features. This
has made decision trees widespread in certain practical applications
for decades, in spite of the fact that their predictive accuracy is
generally considered inferior to that of other models.

Roberto Giacobazzi receives a distinguished article award in POPL2019 for his work in “A²I: Abstract² Interpretation”.

Roberto Giacobazzi, affiliate faculty at the IMDEA Software Institute, received a Distinguished Paper award at the flagship conference of Principles of Programming Languages POPL’19, in Cascais, Portugal, for his work, coauthored with Francesco Ranzato, from the University of Padova, and Patrick Cousot,

Manuel Carro will take part in the event "Innovation and R & D in Emerging Technologies and Digital Transformation"

The director of IMDEA Software Institute, Manuel Carro @manuel__carro, will be part of the third round table of the event "Innovation and R & D in Emerging Technologies for Digital Transformation", based on research and innovation in Madrid, which is organized by the Information Processing and Telecommunication Center (IPTC) in the ETSI Telecomunicación of the UPM on January 15, 2019.

UPM's Innovatech Workshop @ IMDEA Software

UPM's 6th Technology Innovation workshop took place at the IMDEA Software Institute. As part of its commitment to empower technology advance and innovation, the IMDEA Software Institute collaborated in the organization of UPM's yearly workshop. The workshop feature keynote speakers and a showcase of some of the best ideas presented to the Innovatech Challenge, as well as the award ceremony for
the winners of the contest of ideas.


Innovation: A Perspective from a Research Center

EIT Digital Spain held its Innovation day 2018, with the participation of several keynote speakers and panelists.
Manuel Carro, the director of the IMDEA Software Institute, gave a short presentation on innovation from the perspective of a research center: what innovation is and how higher education can be taken advantage of by research centers and the industrial ecosystem to foster innovation.


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