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Vision and mission

The mission of the IMDEA Institutes is to encourage excellent R+D+I and create an efficient science and technology development model while collaborating with the productive sector. In order to achieve this mission, the IMDEA Institutes:

  • Develop their own excellent and internationally recognized science and technology, applied effectively to the improvement in competition in the economy of Madrid, the productivity of its businesses, and its public services;
  • Attract and train excellent human capital;
  • Spread scientific knowledge to give it a social value, and pass on the results of the investigation to society through an efficient transfer of technology model based on development and registering patents and other types of intellectual property; the creation of companies based on technologies; its participation in scientific dissemination activities; collaboration with public and private bodies  both nationally and internationally; and participation in national and international scientific and technological networks;
  • Maintain close links with the business world in every phase of the process of knowledge generation;
  • and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration.

The foundations which run the IMDEA Institutes support and R+D+I model geared towards the future, built on three basic pillars: researchers, Public Administration and businesses. According to their own statutes, their trusts are comprised of representatives from Public Administrations and universities as well as research centres; by ‘internationally renowned scientists in the areas related to the foundation’s objectives and goals’; and by representatives from ‘business which have a direct or indirect relationship with the sectors related to the foundation’s objectives and goals’.   

Business have taken part since the beginning in the design, definition of objectives, and have followed the results of the IMDEA institutes, analysing their potential from a scientific, economic, business and social point of view as well as collaborating in different ways, amongst others, by signing agreements and forming part of research groups.

Since its formation, the IMDEA institutes have collaborated with 345 businesses. They maintain strategic ties with 50 of them which are yielding great results.