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Intellectual/Industrial property and Spin off

A proportion of the research activities carried out at the IMDEA institutes go on to become software registrations and patents. Since 2007, 121 applications for patent registrations have been made (of which 93 have already been granted) and 31 for software developments. Many of the patents have been requested as joint ventures with other research centres or with companies, which is clear evidence of the influence of the institutes in the region’s technical and economic fabric.

Intellectual/Industrial property

Among the patents and software developments registered by the IMDEA institutes are EasyCrypt, a tool which automates cryptographic tests; also a number of patents related to improvements in: purification of water (bio-electrochemical process for purification of waste water with floating spherical cathode conductors), diagnosis of cancer (methods and kits for the diagnosis of colorectal cancer), the production of renewable energy (“Absorber” for a concentrated solar energy system), communication networks (process for IPv4 directions generation) and the generation of new materials (materials based on polymer-protein for energy and medical applications).

Spin off

Science is more useful to society if there are possibilities for transforming its results into a production context and one of the instruments which is proving most efficient in this is the creation of spin-off.

Up to now, a number of researchers from the IMDEA institutes have been involved in the creation of spin-off in sectors of activity as different as high security identification systems based on magnetic nanoparticles; the manufacture of new advanced metallic materials with applications for medicine and the automotive sector; the manufacture of water purification systems based on microbial electrogenesis; development of new anti-tumour markers and therapies; and production of and trade in nanostructured surfaces and instrumentation.