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For the IMDEA institutes the training phase is crucial to the career of a researcher.

For researchers at the beginning of their career, IMDEA institutes offer them the chance to collaborate with others in the field who have already achieved high global standing. As soon as they join IMDEA they become members of interdisciplinary and international research teams, participating in prestigious conferences and scientific publications and benefiting from contacts with innovative companies and universities all over the world. This enables them to create solid foundations for their future career.

In 2022

  • IMDEA has helped 382 researchers and investigators to take the first steps in their professional career.
  • A total of 47 doctorate theses have been defended and another 304 are underway.

Since the institutes were founded in 2006-07 a total of 406 doctorate theses have been defended. This number has grown year on year, from 5 defences in 2008 rising to 47 in 2022. This demonstrates the growing attraction the IMDEA institutes have for those who have decided to dedicate their professional lives to scientific research.