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IMDEA 2020

Since it was founded, IMDEA has attracted outstanding researchers with international experience.  Its selection processes follows the standards used by the best research centres in the world, being based strictly on scientific criteria and without regard to borders.

and support staff

In 2020 around 820 researchers were working in IMDEA institutes, of which 46% were doctors. Of these, approximately 41% were from abroad and more than half have obtained qualifications from foreign universities and bring experience from other research centres outside Spain.

Combined total budget 2020
Funds obtained through competitive calls and contracts with companies

Research projects
and contracts

Projects financed by the European Union and other international organisations
Projects support by European Research Counsil
  • Almost 24,200 citations
  • Over 700 indexed publications


For the IMDEA institutes the training phase of a researcher’s career is important.

  • IMDEA institutes collaborate with 368 researchers in the early stages of their professional career.
  • 42 doctoral theses have been defended.
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