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IMDEA Initiative

The IMDEA Institutes are research centres of excellence  based in the Region of Madrid. They were established as independent foundations between 2006 and 2007 at the initiative of the regional government.

They are focused on seven strategic areas for society from a business, scientific and technological point of view: water, food, energy, materials, nanoscience, networks and software.

7 IMDEA Institutes

Vision and Mission

The mission of the IMDEA Institutes is to encourage excellent R+D+I and create an efficient science and technology development model while collaborating with the productive sector. In order to achieve this mission, the IMDEA Institutes:

  • Develop their own excellent and internationally recognized science and technology, applied effectively to the improvement in competition in the economy of Madrid, the productivity of its companies, and its public services.
  • Pass on the results of the investigation to society through an efficient transfer of technology model.
  • Maintain close links with the business world in every phase of the process of knowledge generation.
  • The institutes disseminate scientific knowledge and participate in activities of scientific collaboration with the aim of informing society about the importance of science and technology.
  • They also facilitate collaboration between different disciplines in the field as well as with the various organisations in Madrid involved in science and technology.
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