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March 17, 2023

IMDEA at the Madrid es Ciencia Fair 2023

From Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th March, the IMDEA Institutes will participate in the XII Feria Madrid es Ciencia organized by the Fundación para el Conocimiento madrimasd in pavilion 5 of IFEMA. Exciting days await us!

If you visit our stand, IMDEA Water researchers will show you why water is a unique resource for life. They work on developing nature-based solutions to detect and mitigate the impact of pollution.

IMDEA Energy researchers will be demonstrating their developments in the field of energy sustainability with hands-on workshops and interactive games. Attendees will be able to run an engine without fuel and gain a better understanding of concepts such as heat generation and energy storage.

The IMDEA Software team will show us how to create algorithms, decrypt secret messages… IMDEA Software researchers will talk about Cryptography and Parallelism to help us understand the basics of exchanging secrets by encrypting and decrypting messages, and will clarify whether it is true that, in the world of computers, union means strength.

With the IMDEA Food researchers you will discover that precision nutrition can have a huge impact on people’s quality of life and health. Through workshops and interactive activities, they will present different strategies in precision nutrition to prevent and treat diseases.

At IMDEA Nanoscience, they will ask you a direct question: do you want to be a nano scientist for a day? With this they invite you to discover that when things get smaller they behave differently and that Nanoscience is behind many phenomena and technologies that surround us.

IMDEA Materials researchers will help you discover the wonderful world of materials. They will tell you how they are designed, manufactured and evaluated. In addition, you will see how to identify the many applications they can have. IMDEA Materials has a lot of material to show you!

IMDEA Networks researchers will help you to find out how much you know about the Internet, and how much the Internet knows about you, as well as how networks work or the potential of 5G wireless communications. They will also show you how the indirect survey method used to monitor COVID19 works; as well as a sign language translator that uses neural networks.

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