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IMDEA at the Madrid es Ciencia Fair 2024 – Looking to the future

March 13, 2024


From Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th March, the IMDEA Institutes have participated in the XIII Feria Madrid es Ciencia organized by the Fundación para el Conocimiento madrimasd in pavilion 5 of IFEMA. As we imagined, it has been exciting days!

Very young researchers and renowned scientists shared the spotlight once again this year at Feria Madrid es Ciencia.

At the IMDEA Water, Energy, Software, Food, Nanoscience, Materials and Networks stand we were able to see that science is necessary and fun!

Some people have been passionate about learning a bit of software by playing with arithmetic or the towers of Hanoi. For others, discovering that water can be purified using solutions that nature has been using for millennia.

For some of the audience it was a surprise to see how easy it is to extract DNA and that chocolate can be used to learn about energy research.

Others have seen that a 3D printer can make custom prosthetics, mechanical parts, and even the badges of some football teams!

The power of the smallest, of nano-scale materials, has also captivated the public, who have seen things move without anyone touching them, or discovered that atoms can be handled one by one.

And what about the capacity of communication networks! To transmit data efficiently, or to process it and be able to improve knowledge about the spread of COVID-19, voting intentions in an election…

It was a great pleasure for us to share our work with the public who visited our stand, and we hope to see you all next year!