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The scientific activities of the IMDEA Institutes care a lot about the Planet

October 8, 2021

The European Researchers´Night in Madrid 2021

What Do You Do To Improve The Earth?

Last Friday, September 24, the Residencia de Estudiantes de Madrid once again hosted the activity that the IMDEA Institutes organize within The European Researchers’ Night in Madrid. As in the eleven previous editions, in which we have also participated, the Fundación para el Conocimiento madrimasd has coordinated all the activities prepared in Madrid.

In What Do You Do To Improve The Earth? researchers at the IMDEA Institutes have shown that they take very seriously the need to ensure a more sustained and sustainable development for everyone, and that we all can do small and big things to achieve this.
Starting from very diverse scientific areas and some of their projects, they showed us that science can and should be the best ally on the Earth. How? In many ways.

Determining the maximum safe concentration of pesticides in water, eating what we really need and helps us to improve our health, using software to reduce the energy consumption of transport or the risks of certain catastrophes, using waste to make fuels, customising prostheses made with 3D printers and biodegradable materials, reducing the need for batteries in mobile devices, or investing on new molecular nanomaterials, which are very small but they need very large equipment, to produce CO2-free energy sources.

You can see how they talked about it in the full video recorded at the Residencia de Estudiantes What Do You Do To Improve The Earth?

We are grateful to the Residencia de Estudiantes de Madrid for providing the video.

European Researchers’ Night in Madrid is coordinated by the madri+d Foundation and it is financed by the European Union within Horizon 2020, under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions with grant agreement number 101.036.010.